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  • Weekly group call with Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary
  • ​15-min Onboarding Call
  • Over 3 hours of videos from Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary
  • 30-Day Step-By-Step Protocol Booklet (that we ship to you!)
  • ​Guided Meditations to Reduce Stress & Boost Your Fertility
  • ​Support through private Cultivate Fertility Facebook Group
  • ​10% off Cultivate Fertility supplements
"Dr. Hillary and Dr. Kara together provide a wealth of knowledge in a funny, friendly, and non-judgmental environment. They work to create a collaborative environment for the cohort of women who are going through the detox together."

"They genuinely care about helping women take active ownership of their fertility status and it shows in everything they do. Their detox helped me separate fact from fiction on all sorts of topics including everyday toxins, the benefits of antioxidants, when buying organic matters, how to combat the effects of stress on fertility, and even how to correctly do an elimination diet to identify which foods were bothering my system. I especially loved the one-on-one sessions at the beginning and end of the detox."

"They were able to provide specific guidance for my particular situation and my fertility needs that helped my husband and I understand not just what to do but why we should do it so we can make smarter decisions in the future."

"The information provided helped us understand what to do to be healthy enough to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy and baby, and established best practices for us to take forward together as a family."

- Sarah

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