Spring is prime time for a fertility detox!
Are you ready to get pregnant, but don't know where to start? 
We're here to help!
Whether your just getting started on your fertility journey or have been at it for years...
Our Fertility Experts will be 
Your Guides 
This complete fertility detox program will get you ready for pregnancy!

The SPRING FERTILITY DETOX values the innate healing ability of the body through diet and lifestyle choices to provide confidence in every woman on her fertility journey. 

This detox is designed specifically for fertility by addressing:
Toxins in the environment
nutrient deficiencies

and other issues related to your fertility and reproductive system. 

And right now, you can get a special discount!
You want to be pregnant...
let us help you properly prepare!
Here's how it works...

This is a time for you to learn about 
hormone balancing foods
to reduce stress hormones by slowing down
to give your body the rest and reset it needs to grow a baby

By the end of the month, you will feel radiant and ready to take on the world!

Embrace this opportunity to be guided by two natural fertility experts leaving no stone unturned, to prepare your body for the healthiest pregnancy possible.


  • A daily detox guide
  • Shopping lists
  • A full library of delicious recipes
  • ​Expert guidance

All aimed to increase your egg health 
and boost your fertility.

Time is the only thing you have to lose.
Dr. Hillary and Dr. Kara together provide a wealth of knowledge in a funny, friendly, and non-judgemental environment. They work to create a collaborative environment for the cohort of women who are going through the detox protocol together. They genuinely care about helping women take active ownership of their fertility status and it shows in everything they do. Their protocol helped me separate fact from fiction on all sorts of topics including everyday toxins, the benefits of antioxidants, when buying organic matters, how to combat the effects of stress on fertility, and even how to correctly do an elimination diet to identify which foods were bothering my system.
Mary, Connecticut
I listened to the material in my car- it was such a great course - so helpful.  I feel so much more hormonally balanced - I am way less irritable and stressed.  I didn't know that consistently sweating everyday could be good for my hormones
Maria, New York
Let’s break it all down.
Once you register, you’ll receive access to 
the SPRING FERTILITY detox plan 
  •  Over 3 hours of videos of Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary walking you through our comprehensive detox program focused on FERTILITY.
  • ​Three Zoom meetings with Doctors Hillary & Kara over the course of the detox
  •  A handy countertop detox booklet to help keep you on track
  •  How-to Guide on avoiding common toxins
  •  Informational (printable) handouts
  • ​Our favorite recipes and cooking videos
  • ​A detailed eating plan including detox superfoods
  • ​Guided meditations
  • ​And SO much more!

So, what happens during the 
During this detox program, Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary will lead you through the following core principles of the Cultivate Fertility Method
The medical research is quite clear that metals and chemicals in the air, water, food, health-and-beauty aids are damaging our fertility. Learn ways to identify and reduce your daily chemical exposure.

Hydrate and Educate
You will get started with the Cultivate Fertility Hydration Guide. Proper cellular hydration is crucial for both detoxification and hormone balance. You will learn about the 5 main organs of detoxification and the benefits of a detox program for your overall health.  .

Learn how to follow our Cultivate Fertility Diet. You will receive shopping lists and recipes that include our Cultivate Fertility Detox Superfoods and learn to construct delicious plates of nutrient-dense foods. 
Dr. Hillary and Dr. Kara formulated our Cultivate Fertility 30 day Pre-pregnancy Detox protocol from years of clinical experience. The supplements are designed to block the effects of endocrine disruptors and support your detox organs with convenient twice-daily vitamin packs.

Circulation is crucial for cellular detoxification and is a foundation for optimal fertility. You will learn several ways to incorporate movement, sweating, and hydrotherapy that directly increase your blood flow. 

Stress in the modern world is known to negatively impact fertility. This module will give you many tools for reducing toxic stress and creating habits and rituals of self-care. 
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