Natural Fertility 
Virtual Consult
Dr. Kara Burkhart, ND, LAc, FABORM and Dr. Hillary Fredrickson, ND
Your opportunity to have two doctors with 30 years of collective experience of patient care collaborate on your unique fertility journey.

Virtual Consult with the Cultivate Fertility Natural Fertility Specialists is designed for women and couples who want to optimize natural approaches to getting pregnant using functional medicine and our Cultivate Fertility Process that will help support overall egg and sperm health to create the healthiest baby possible.

We give women and couples a clear path forward… helping them develop a personalized plan for diet, exercise, supplements, and whole-body health..

We also help patients who struggle with...
  • All the tests looking normal but still not getting pregnant
  • ​Fertility over 40
  • Hormonal imbalances (PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, dysmenorrhea)
  • ​Preparing for egg freezing
  • ​Absent or irregular periods
  • ​Starting/going through IVF and failed IVF 
  • ​Miscarriage recovery 
  • Struggling with Autoimmune and Inflammatory disorders
  • ​Stress / Anxiety / Depression with trying to conceive 
… and general “unexplained” infertility that other doctors can’t figure out.
Step 1
First consultation: Book your 60 minute Virtual Consult with two board-certified natural fertility specialists
Step 2
In-home testing to evaluate your hormone health, nutrient density, and/or food sensitivities (the appropriate tests are chosen during your telehealth consultation and will arrive at your door with specific instructions)
Step 3
Get started with The Cultivate Fertility Meal Plan and Nutrition Course
Step 4
Leave your 60 minute Virtual Consult with your personalized fertility treatment plan. An individualized supplement protocol will be created for you based on your symptoms and test results.
Step 5
A clear path forward without worry. Our goal is to help you get the baby you desire.
“I loved that they combined all different info sources from research, eastern and western medicine. There was so much that my primary care and OBGYN never mentioned but are so powerful!” Mary from Oklahoma
Why Choose Cultivate Fertility Natural Fertility Specialist Virtual Consult?

Two experienced natural fertility specialists (Dr. Kara Burkhart, ND, LaC and Dr. Hillary Fredrickson, ND) working together to personalize your testing and treatment plan. Based on functional lab testing results, a comprehensive treatment plan including personalized supplement protocols are created for your specific nutritional or functional needs.

Core Values

We approach your care keeping in mind our experiences when struggling with infertility.

We believe in modern science and traditional medicine. The body can heal when we remove obstacles to cure and provide the right nutrients and environment.

We care deeply for our patients and devote the time needed to create a balanced and thorough fertility treatment plan.

How can the Cultivate Fertility Process help me?

We provide the important steps you can start taking today to prepare your body for a smooth pregnancy & healthy baby… based on over 30 combined years as natural fertility doctors.

What a pre-pregnancy diet should look like… and the foods you should avoid.

The exact nutrients that will support your body to prepare for pregnancy & birth… and the best supplements to support you.

How you can optimize the vitality & quality of your eggs and sperm to reduce the likelihood of birth defects and miscarriage.

Common environmental toxins most people are exposed to daily that are scientifically proven to harm the reproductive system… and how you can limit your exposure.

The key role of stress and mental health during conception & pregnancy… and how enjoying life (and sex!) again can actually help you conceive.

1. First Consultation:

Getting pregnant and having a healthy baby is a lot to figure out on your own.
What happens during your Virtual Consult: 
We will take you through the Cultivate Fertility Process and personalize your plan for your specific needs. You’ll receive direct guidance from Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary, natural fertility doctors who have over 30 years of combined experience in clinical practice… and who know from personal experience how painful infertility and hormonal imbalances can be.
You want your body to be the healthiest it can be, you want the best doctors, you’re trying to eat all the right things, you’re buying the best strollers and monitors, you’re doing all the research you can to plan it out…

It’s overwhelming.

And the stress from trying to plan your pregnancy can actually make it harder to conceive.

But now, you don’t have to do it alone.

Our calling in life is to help other women have happy, healthy pregnancies.

Over the years, we’ve treated thousands of patients. Each with their own story.

Some who were newly married and planning to have a baby within the next few years…

… and some who struggled for years with infertility.
This is for you if:
  • You want to become pregnant sometime in the next 2 years… without the stress of figuring it out by yourself 
  • ​You’re tired of researching with Dr. Google... you’re ready for 1-on-1 advice from real, experienced fertility doctors 
  • ​You consider yourself a health-conscious person… and you already know that whole-body health can impact fertility
  • ​You want clarity and insight on what your fertility journey should look like based on a tried-and-true formula
  • ​You want to do everything you can to prepare for a healthy pregnancy
  • ​You are struggling
  • ​You are recovering from miscarriage
  • ​You have an autoimmune disease, Hashimotos, or fibromyalgia
  • ​You want to know which prenatal, herbs, and supplements you should be taking
  • ​You want to know if Chinese herbs can help you
  • ​You want to know how to support your reproductive system through food
  • ​You want to test for ovarian reserve, autoimmune disease, nutritional deficiencies
  • ​You want to know how age matters and what you can do about it
2. In-home functional medicine tests that may be suggested for you
  •  Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis
  •  Fertility Hormone Testing
  •  ​Complete Thyroid Panel (including autoimmune assessment)
  •  Adrenal and Stress Hormone Testing
  • ​ Gastrointestinal Microbiome Testing
  •  ​Food Sensitivity Testing
3. The Cultivate Fertility Meal Plan & Nutrition Course is an online course where the doctors walk you through the ins and outs of food as medicine when trying to conceive.
Women are confused about what they should be eating to support their fertility.
The Cultivate Fertility Meal Plan & Nutrition Course is a cornerstone of all of your path to pregnancy. Using food as medicine, we consistently see the powerful impact that the Cultivate Fertility Meal Plan has for people trying to get pregnant.


Because nutrition plays a huge role in ovulation, egg & sperm quality… not to mention pregnancy and early development.

If you’ve been telling yourself:
“There’s something wrong with my body… I’m broken… and I might never have a baby...”
Believe us when we say it isn’t your fault.

We know how heartbreaking and isolated it feels to struggle with infertility. How painful that infertility diagnosis is.

But time and time again we’ve seen women who thought they might never get pregnant find success in our natural approach to infertility.

So why not try everything you can to support your body?

It starts with joining us today.

Trust us: once you start feeling the best you have in your life, and meeting people who understand exactly what you’re going through in our private community…

You’ll wish you’d found us earlier.
Dr. Kara’s Story
When I was about 20, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had to get two surgeries to remove the massive cyst, and I eventually had to get one of my ovaries removed.

Doctors told me I would probably be infertile. When I eventually decided to try to become pregnant, I had 5 miscarriages.

It was a dark time in my life. I was completely heartbroken. I felt like no one could help me, and I couldn’t talk about it with anyone because most of my friends were successfully getting pregnant and having babies.

So I suffered in silence.

If I had known then what I know now about natural fertility support, I believe I would have been able to naturally conceive my first child.

Now I know how depleted my body was from the endometriosis, years of hormone imbalance, and exposure to environmental toxins. But at the time, I turned to the only potential solution I could.

I went to an IVF clinic.

Without the support of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and dietary changes, the IVF might not have worked for me.

Which is why I believe so strongly that the natural fertility work we do can be life-changing, even for women on the IVF path. Because that was me.

After years of studying naturopathic fertility support, my body was able to heal itself and I became pregnant with my daughter completely naturally.

That’s why I always ask women: Why not do everything you can to support your body during the process, and turn it into the best soil possible for life to grow?
Most doctors would never look at my case of severe endometriosis and think I could naturally conceive.

I’ll never forget how painful my experience with infertility was. The heartbreak of miscarriages. The false hope. Trying everything under the sun and having no results. And the awful physical pain from the endometriosis.

Learning firsthand how chaotic IVF can be, the constant medication changes and doctor appointments, the painful progesterone shots, not to mention all the stress… that all put me on the path I’m on today.

Now, I have 2 beautiful healthy children and I’ve dedicated my life to helping other women get pregnant naturally!

Dr. Hillary’s Story
I was the girl who never got her period. When I was 22, a doctor told me I had PCOS and would likely be infertility.

I had been taking the pill, but now I realized that I’d been covering up a problem instead of trying to get to the bottom of why I didn’t have a period in the first place.
It felt like no one was helping me to figure this out.

And it was so frustrating to feel like I couldn’t do a very basic thing the body is supposed to do — have a regular period and get pregnant.

It was hopeless and terrifying. I had an overwhelming sense that I didn’t understand what my body was telling me.

Watching everyone around me get pregnant didn’t help... and all the guilt that came with struggling to feel happy for other people when all I wanted was a baby of my own.

And it seemed like nothing I was doing was working.

So I turned to a naturopathic doctor for homeopathic remedies.

I started regulating my cycle. I changed my diet. I balanced out the hormonal imbalances that were caused by the PCOS.

When I wanted to get pregnant, my cycles were three months long. So trying to figure out when I was ovulating was difficult.

I had already known I would want to get pregnant one day, so I had started doing all this work a year in advance.

And when it was time to get pregnant, my body was ready.

I got pregnant, naturally!

That’s when I switched my focus from psychiatry to become a naturopathic doctor instead. I knew I wanted to spend my life helping other women naturally conceive the same way I had.

I’ll never forget how terrifying, confusing, and lonely it was to struggle with infertility. To feel like I couldn’t trust my body. And the shame and horror I felt when doctors told me, a health-conscious 22 year old, that I would probably never get pregnant.

Now, years after all the natural fertility work I did, I’m grateful to have 3 healthy teenagers!

Since then…

We’ve spent a combined 30 years helping other women in our natural fertility clinics.
And we’ve developed scientifically-supported plans for helping women to support the quality and health of their eggs.

We want to give you everything we’ve learned over the years.

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