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 The Hormone Balance Intensive
  • Feel radiant as your stress hormones and sex hormones balance - mantras, herbal teas, delicious recipes, and exercises taught by board-certified natural fertility specialists and renowned holistic fertility coach
  • 4 January sessions to harmonize thyroid, adrenal, estrogen, progesterone and keep your nervous system in balance 
  • Bonus sessions in Nov and Dec to give you strategies for staying calm and balanced during the holiday season 
  • Learn mantras, exercises, and herbal medicines to keep your adrenal glands supported and to balance your thyroid 
  • Estrogen needs to be just right during your fertility - not too much, not too little - find ways to keep this crucial hormone in balance
  • Strong progesterone is a must for a successful pregnancy, yet many women have low progesterone who are trying to get pregnant - learn why and how to avoid this in your journey 
  • ​Walk away knowing what to do to keep you balanced on your path to baby 
  • ​Watch some of your hardest symptoms ease as you come into hormonal balance and begin to feel truly radiant on your path to baby